Lockdown Practice Recordings

Two Steps Back – Lockdown again!
In view of the latest Tier 4 notification Margaret has put together the following pieces of Christmas cheer .  See says “They are not amazing pieces of perfection, but will hopefully generate a smile. “

Christmas 2020 – King Boogie

Christmas 2020 – While Shepherds Watched Rag

Christmas 2020 – Still, Still, Still

the first week back!

Part 1: https://youtu.be/vRsKNMJ1jw

Part 2: https://youtu.be/EbmSqkCP49A

As requested, here are links to Margaret’s practice videos. When we next meet we can all be note perfect!!

Some Lyrics

It was a lover
Calm & Deep
video 5
All Gods creatures got a place in the choir
You got a Friend in Me 
Time on our hands (Kelsborrow)

The Videos

The latest video for practice:

A couple of duets for your delight! :


Anne and I have been up to no good again!  The links below are for our latest recordings in a slightly less distanced manner!  We recorded Morning and Anitra’s Dance from Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite, and I hope you find the 2nd link very amusing – it is the ‘outtake’ version of the start of recording after tea and cake.


Warmups, Dona Nobis Pacem, and parts for You’ve got a friend in me


Page 114 in songbook – My Heart is Like a Singing Bird






From Margaret:- This is just for a bit of fun – had a lovely hour playing socially distanced recorder duets in a friend’s garden, so thought people might enjoy it!




A video for a new song produced free of charge for choirs in lockdown by Will Todd:

Downloadable PDF file of SAB score for the WIll Todd video:
Like A Rainbow Shining

As we missed the Plemstall concert last night Anne and I have put together a short concert for you.  Hope you enjoy it!













From the New Book

Calm & Deep, Simple Gifts

This is in a number of parts as the score moves voices to different staves through the piece. I’ll leave it to you to work out!!

Calm & Deep sop to 19
Calm & Deep alt to 19
Calm & Deep ten 19 – 25
Calm & Deep bass 19 – 25
Calm & Deep sop & ten 26 – 32
Calm & Deep alt & bass 26 – 32
Calm & Deep sop 33 to end
Calm & Deep alt 33 to end
Calm & Deep men 33 to end

It Was  Lover And His Lass

It was a lover sop
It was a lover alt
It was a lover ten
It was a lover bass

Please can you let me know if there are any problems.


2020 Music

How can I keep from Singing

How can I keep from singing sop
How can I keep from singing alt
How can I keep from singing ten
How can I keep from singing bass

Brother James’ Air

Bro James P6 on sop
Bro James P6 on alto
Bro James P6 on tenor
Bro James P6 on bass

Haydn – The Heavens are telling

Full performance – https://youtu.be/OwqqfbinUDY

Bass – https://youtu.be/4qlbEP5aCAA

Alto – https://youtu.be/OwIY38stYNU

Sop – https://youtu.be/DQTJWyG16_8

Tenor – https://youtu.be/dnZeTciJGY4

Lord Bless you & Keep you

Lord Bless You and Keep You T no sop
Lord Bless You and Keep You B no sop

Comedy Tonight

Comedy Tonight sop (short rest)
Comedy Tonight alto (short rest)
Comedy Tonight Tenor (short rest)
Comedy Tonight Bass (short rest)


Grace. bar 22 on sop
Grace. bar 22 on alto
Grace. bar 22 on tenor
Grace bass

Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow Alto 11
Over the Rainbow tenor 11
Over the Rainbow bass


Other Music

Boyce Allelulia


Million Dreams

Million Dreams alto from bar 37
Million Dreams bass
Mac Huff official SATB version:
A Million Dreams Mac Huff